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Birth from a place of passion and pride for the continent that contributes to the world musically, culturally, and creatively, Instruments of Africa (IOA) is an innovative company that specializes in creating contemporary products that are inspired by Africa’s heritage.


Our mission at IOA is to advance creativity with innovative ideas.


Africa is the home of some of the world’s most popular sounds and all of us at IOA are on course to contribute to the legacy of music with our line of specially crafted guitars in the shape of Africa. While Africa has contributed significantly to music globally, our goal is to create a line of instruments inspired by the genres of music and art rooted in the African Heritage.

Our guitars are carefully and intentionally designed, assembled, and tested to ensure users have the best musical experience and a sense of pride in the African innovation. IOA guitars are inspired and named after cities across the continent to provide a sense of connection to the African heritage.

When you play our guitars, you will get a sense of the rhythmic sounds, beautiful tones and grooves that delivers euphoric satisfaction.