Instruments of Africa (IOA) was birthed from a place of passion and pride for the CONTINENT that contributes to the world socially, creatively, and musically. The continent of Africa has carved out its place on the world stage as the leader in percussion, string instruments, and more sounds than we can mention.

Africa is responsible for some of the world’s most popular sounds and all of us at IOA are on course to contribute to the legacy of music with our line of specially crafted guitars in the shape of Africa.

Through our products, we aim to show you the beauty of the continent and the innovation that is distinctively African. History traces the origin of music back to Africa and we take pride in knowing that our line of guitars and instruments will contribute to that narrative.

When you play our guitars, you will get a sense of the rhythmic sounds, beautiful tones, and grooves, that connects African music to every genre in the world.